Kevin Mead Shoot

Bonneville salt flats! We felt so blessed to be out that evening with the setting sun and the full moon.  Feeling the cleansing, clearing energy of the salt flats as they sparlked like crystals under the sun.  Grandmother moon shining her blessings to all the waters of our Earth Mother and all our relations!  
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Mindful Images Shoot

Albion bason with Andy Horstmanshoff of Mindful Images. We were bathed in intoxicating  esscence of colors of all the beautiful wild flowers! We tune in and feeling our natural/nature state of being  in every gorgeous mountian view. 

Darryl Dobson

Some moments with Darryl!

We have been blessed to get to spend so much time with Darryl! He is an amazing photographer and he is always up for an adventure out into nature with us.