Ceremony of Sound 
Connection to Spirit
Grounded in Love

Kirtan & Devotional Singing
Singing is the heart of Kirtan, 
a beautiful practice of call and response singing and chanting the names of the Divine  in many languages including Sanskrit, Hindi, Gurmukhi, Native American and English. 

The voice is vehicle for our spirit and when we sing together in community we carry each other lifting our hearts and souls.   
​It allows for a deeper connection to each other and the one  source. 


Gratitude Song

This is a video of one of the songs that will be on our new cd.  I put togther images, most of which are from our musical adventures to beautiful places that Leraine and I have been together. All the others are from our beloved friend & photographer Darryl Dobson. We are still in the process of recording and are gratefully excepting donations towards our project.  It takes a team to produce these songs professionally.  We honor all our friends and family that have contribruted and those whom we've not met who believe in the power of music. 
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Medicine Power of the Drum
The drum is a powerful instrument.
Indigenous people throughout Turtle Island refer to it as the heartbeat of Mother Earth. It is used in many spiritual and sacred ceremonial practices. Some say the beat of the drum has the power to change natural elements, including the weather. It is believed to have the power to heal sickness, and some believe it has the power to send messages both to the animal world and to the spirit world.

The drum is broadly considered to be the first musical instrument used by humans. Historians and music ethnologists alike point out that the drum has been utilized by virtually every culture known to mankind for a multitude of purposes. In ancient times, the earliest drums were used for religious rituals, social dances, sporting events, feasts, special ceremonies, in preparation for hunting, and as a prelude to war. However, it is virtually a universally held belief that the original purpose of the drum was to communicate, many times over long distances as a warning or signal.

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