Singing Our Praise


​I recently attended a beautiful sound healing workshop with Leraine and Shen, they created a magical nurturing environment that helped me to open my heart and reawaken my soul.  Through their masterful arrangements of music, chant, and sound, I was able to hear what the universe wanted me to hear, I call this my heart-song.  I now intend to share this heart-song with everyone I meet!  It is a song of love, joy, passion, and peace.  

Director at Simply Lovely Weddings, Founder/Spiritual Director at The Satya Centerand Owner at Stepping Stones to Conscious Living

Ali Benjamin

I had the divine honor of having Lorraine and Shen perform a profound energy clearing/blessing on my new Buisness before we opened.
It was hippy heaven in my space. These two have such strong divine connections to spirit and it filled the building with divine light, intention and us.
I was thrilled how the space felt when I walked in the following day.  Even the Fire Marshall commented "I feel really good about this."
I have never had an inspector say anything like that. I was delighted.
The power of their connection together and the angelic sound frequency they produce is unprecedented.
I highly recommend the co creation and blessing of space with these two power house sacred women.

Blessings to all
Raven Fire

Owner and Artistic [email protected]
Fourth Dimension salon

Lindsey Feurer,

Where to start with the Maka Mamas? First and foremost, these two wonderful human beings two of my favorite people in the world! Leraines incredible voice and multiple instrument talent combined with Shens beautiful voice and light working makes for a magical experience whenever in their presence.

Cami Cote

Owner of River City Yoga & Healing Arts

 Blissed in blessed  out after a Sound Healing Session with Leraine and Shen (Jenniffer) today. They defiantly interwove me in a tapestry of sound, slowing down the light enough to resonate through me in harmony and synchrony.
I’m glowing even more than before!
Deep gratitude to my sisters for bringing this medi- cine... and co-creating this lucid dream.


Rebecca Puffpaff

This was the most amazing sound therapy I have ever expe- rienced. Their music is deeply healing! I heard sounds that were so deep and resonating with my body through the didg- eridoo, beautiful singing, chanting and chimes. The other in- struments of drums and rattles it just flowed like this beautiful river and I just felt like I was flowing down that river. When I was finished I felt grounded and present.

Dana Briggs,

“Your Healing Place by Dana”