Maka Mamas

Leraine & Shen
A magical musical duo with strong, tangible, accoustic rhythms, dynamic vocals, that are spiritually inspried & heart centered. Together their music is  a high vibrational, organic, earthy, tribal, kirtan medicine for the soul!  

We met three years ago at a Shaman’s reunion, where we both knew that the universe had definitely brought us together. It was cosmic and divine timing! Over the course of this event, we stepped into a deeper re-member-ing of our connection to ancient and sacred sounds and to that of the ceremony of life. It was a coming home for us and we got to chant, sing, drum, and dance with the cosmos. Our amazing musical journey together began, blessing us with invitations from beautiful communities to share and co-create our love of music to honor our sacred Earth Mother.
We believe music is a vehicle to promote well-being. We currently work with an organization called Heart and Soul that gives us the opportunity to go into facilities that would not normally get to experience our music. Our dream is to take it on the road to all communities, prisons, women's shelters etc… in hopes that we can inspire and help others on the journey of life; teaching others to find their voice and be empowered. 
When folks come to our Kirtan/Concerts they tell us that they feel inspired, vibrant and alive. The community energy uplifts hearts and a deep sense of well-being naturally arises. First timers say, "Wow! I never knew I could experience such fun and joy by singing in community. I feel and hear your spirits in your voices and it makes me feel free." What an amazing transformation! 


Leraine is of Indonesian, Dutch and Portuguese descent. She is an incredible musician and is a firm believer in the healing power of love. Her  natural gift and talent for music began at the age of 5.  Always encouraged to play and sing from a family of 11 kids. 

Her voice has the ablity to touch the depths of  your soul as it brings in the element of the Divine feminine that promotes trust on the most heart felt level.

"Leraine is one of those unique artists who can do it all...great vocalist, skilled multi-instrumentalist, superb composer.  She is a wonderful addition to our genre Devotional music!! "  
Guru Ganesha Singh
Founder of Spirit Voyage Records 

Leraine fell in love with Yoga which led her to became a certified teacher.  During her yoga training she discovered the power of Mantra and soon found her self leading chants and feeling the immediate affects of the vibrations of ancient prayers.   

"Leraine is a wonder - She combines a distinctive sweetness with incredible musical skill ( on a wide rage of instruments) to provide one of the most rocking kirtan experiences anywhere!"
Benjy Wertheimer of Shantala  

"Leraine understands dynamics and space in music which feels to me like the needed pause between phrases, the slow inhalation after a well-structured phrase. She playfully directs her audience, the rest of her orchestra to add to the music by singing the refrain, which they do, inspired by Leraine, with surprising spirit and heart!"
Scott Moore
Professional Musician and Yoga Instructor 

 Leraine is devoted to bring Divine Holistic Love into and through her music and life.


​​​Shen (Jenniffer) is indigenous, an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians.  As a Native American woman I am proud of my heritage. I love how my journey with  native spiritualism, music, and yoga  complement each other through me, being one with myself, my Creator and all my relations on Mother Earth. I am someone who feels guided, supported & healed by the Divine Feminine!

I am connected to Earth Mother, her vibration of love through the sounds and rhythms of nature, from the wind through the leaves on the trees, to the  water in the rivers and streams, the songs of the Earth herself, the music of the ancient ones ... the sound of the drum… it is the heart beat of our Earth Mother, this is how it is taught from the First Nations perspective.  

Music is such a beautiful way to connect to feelings, memories and emotions of what has taken place here on our Mother Earth and within our ancesrty and our own hearts. This ceremony of music is how I heal and come into right relations with & through Mitakuye Oyasin (All Our Relations)!" 

I Am a firm believer in limitless possibilities that lie within every human Being. I Am the Creator of my world. I Am devoted to bring Love  Light and Healing into each moment of this beautiful lifes journey with and through the ceremony that is this life with music.